Coastal & Waterways

Coastal & Waterways

Terram Geosynthetics are commonly used in many coastal and waterway applications such as:
Foreshores, dams and flood bunds, river and canal banks, lagoon, lake and reservoir shores, culverts and outfalls, ports, breakwaters, artificial islands and causeways. Terram Defencell geocells for temporary flood protection are used where a fast response and local fill materials are available.

Applications with geosynthetics

Typical coastal and waterway applications include protection to:
• Foreshores
• Dams and flood bunds
• River and canal banks
• Lagoon, lake and reservoir shores
• Culverts and outfalls
• Ports, breakwaters, artificial islands and causeways

The key attributes that require consideration when selecting and specifying a geotextile filter/separator to be used in the control of erosion are:
• Survivability - during installation and in service so puncture resistance is very important.
• Mechanical performance - the geotextile must have sufficient extensibility to wrap around point loads whilst resisting puncture and compression. Isotropic performance is highly desirable.
• Hydraulic performance - the geotextile must allow water to pass in both directions yet filter fine soil particles.
• Durability - if there are areas of the geotextile that are to be exposed to UV for long periods then appropriate stabilisation will be a pre-requisite.

The benefits of using a TERRAM Robust Geotextile in the control of erosion are:
• Dimensionally stable as they are non woven
• Isotropic properties
• Inherent factory-controlled and quality controlled properties
• Simple, rapid and low-cost installation
• Can be pre-sewn or site-sewn to form large areas
• Pre-fabricated areas can lowered into position below water
and ballasted
• Less reliance on the use of primary aggregates

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Terram robust geotextiles filter and separate granular layers
Terram geosynthetics are used in coastal defence projects globally