Geocells - Ground Reinforcement

Geocells - Ground Reinforcement

Tree Root Protection / Load Platform Geocell


Terram Geocell 25/10 & 22/20

TERRAM geocell Tree Root Protection cellular confinement system is used in the protection of tree roots from damage caused by heavy vehicles.

Trees are sensitive to disturbance and this system has been developed for situations where conventional construction would be too invasive, particularly where a Tree Protection Order (TPO) is in force. 

The Tree Root Protection geocells are manufactured from the TERRAM range of permeable geotextiles that allow air and water to move freely across the root area from cell to cell. The geocells are supplied in the form of flat-packed panels which are expanded on site to form a much larger honeycomb area of interconnected cells. The panels are secured to the ground using steel pins which are also available to purchase.

Once the tree roots have been covered by the geocellular confinement system and filled with a granular material, the road or parking area can be constructed. 

The geocell is designed to transfer the axle load laterally across to the tree root system, minimising compaction beneath the traffic line.

Without the cellular system, loads would be transferred vertically to the roots causing compaction damage and the possible loss of trees due to oxygen and moisture starvation. 

The system is also suitable for the construction of temporary solutions where vehicular access to a site is limited by the presence of trees. Once operations are complete, the installation can be removed with the roots undamaged.

A TERRAM tree-root-protection geocell is suitable for:

  • Access roads and parking areas
  • Driveways & paths
  • Permanent woodland trails