TERRAM Geocell - Erosion Control

TERRAM Geocell - Erosion Control

Erosion Control



TERRAM Geocell 22/20, 25/10, 25/15, 35/10 & 35/15

TERRAM Geocell is a cellular confinement system fabricated from permeable geotextile, and used to combat erosion on slopes up to 45 degrees. The permeable nature of the geotextile allows water to flow freely between cells therefore encouraging drainage and vegetation growth, providing further erosion resistance.

This erosion control solution, available in a variety of cell diameter sizes, is made into easy to handle panels, ready to be expanded on site to 5m x 7m or 6m x 3m areas with the honeycomb of diamond-shaped cells measuring 100mm, 150mm or 200mm deep. The expanded panels should be fixed at every perimeter cell and at 1m centres throughout using steel fixing pins.

Once placed and secured on the slope, the geocells can be filled with soil or a mineral fill, the confined fill being better able to resist the erosive effects of wind and run-off. For less-exposed slopes seeded topsoil is the most suitable fill, with small shrubs offering improved protection, whilst a granular material offers the highest protection.

The geocell is also flexible enough to be formed around trees and other obstacles.

The TERRAM Geocell confinement system is suitable for:

  • Cut or fill embankments
  • Dams or spillways
  • Revetments
  • Abutment protection
  • Geomembrane protection
  • Soil-nailing cover
  • Landfill capping