Containment / Confinement

Containment / Confinement

TERRAM Geocells are permeable, 3 dimensional, cellular confinement systems that provide civil engineering and landscaping solutions for erosion control, slope engineering, load platforms and tree root protection.


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Slope erosion control

TERRAM Geocell is a blanket of three dimensional cell structures applied to a slope surface to greatly improve resistance to erosive forces such as rainwater run-off on steep or unstable slopes, or slopes exposed to severe hydraulic or mechanical stresses, and which often eliminates complicated and expensive alternative construction techniques. 

The cells can be filled with a variety of infill materials depending on the application, such as topsoil, aggregates (from sands and gravels to larger stones and cobbles) and concrete of various strengths and surface finishes. stresses.

Typical applications:

• Cut or fill embankments

• Dams or spillways

• Abutment protection

• Landfill lining, covers and drainage

• Steep slopes

• Soil nailing cover

Load Platforms

TERRAM Geocell systems provides a stable base for paved surfaces and surface stabilisation for unpaved areas. 

Filled with sands or granular fills, the cellular structure performs as a semi-rigid slab, distributing loads laterally, stabilising base materials, reducing sub grade contact pressures and minimising surface rutting. TERRAM Geocells also prevent the lateral displacement of infill and reduces vertical deflections even on low-strength sub grades.

Typical Applications:

• Stabilised drainage layer

• No dig tree root protection

• Permeable load supporting surfaces 

• Sub-base stabilisation for block paved areas

• Green access roads and temporary green occasional car parks

• Permanent and temporary access roads, footpaths and cycle paths.

Tree Root Protection

Trees are sensitive to disturbance commonly caused by construction activity. 

TERRAM Geocell provides a tree root protection area, preventing root damage by soil compaction, therefore allowing air and water required for root growth in areas such as driveways and other trafficked areas.



TERRAM geocells
TERRAM 500 geocells
GEOCELL Slope stabilisation (M25 Widening)
GEOCELL Slope stabilisation (Glasgow Museum)
BODPAVE 85 Gravel-filled paver access / cycle route (Blackpool)