Terram Geosynthetics are extensively used in civil engineering in the construction of highways - from preventing intermixing of sub-base and subgrade layers, control erosion on cut slopes, for roadside drainage, as part of SUDS projects for infrastructure access and in the construction of retaining walls, bridge abutments and steep slopes.

Load platforms and tree root protection

Load platforms
TERRAM Geocells are also used to construct semi-rigid platforms over poor soils and over areas where there‚Äôs a no dig-restriction.

Tree Root Protection
Where an access road, woodland path or driveway is required in tree sensitive areas, TERRAM Geocells should be used. A no-dig construction using geocells protects the roots distributing downward forces laterally allowing the tree roots to remain undisturbed (see Arboricultural Advisory and Information Services APN12: Driveways close to trees) .

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Terram Geocell load platform on a road

Terram geocell pevents damage to tree roots by spreading loads laterally