Terram Geosynthetics are extensively used in civil engineering in the construction of highways - from preventing intermixing of sub-base and subgrade layers, control erosion on cut slopes, for roadside drainage, as part of SUDS projects for infrastructure access and in the construction of retaining walls, bridge abutments and steep slopes.

Earth reinforcement

Terram Geocell provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional earth retention structures due to its flexibility and suitability for use with a wide range of infill materials and foundation soils. 

The system eliminates the potential for cracking, spalling, splintering or corrosion that can affect concrete, steel and timber based systems. 

It can be installed almost vertically to form an effective, economical earth retention structure. Terram Geocell is used in horizontal layers to form a wall structure. This can either be the panels themselves to form a gravity structure or as a facing system in a composite wall working in conjunction with an earth reinforcement system to form a mechanically stabilised earth structure. Terram Geocell can be used with a variety of reinforcement techniques such as geotextile or geogrid earth reinforcement, soil nails, rock bolts, helical anchors etc.

Typically installations will utilise a composite wall construction creating a totally confined wall facing that is directly connected to the backfill using one of the earth reinforcement systems outlined above. Where construction restrictions do not allow this methodology, a gravity wall construction may be considered. 

In this construction the Terram Geocell is built as a layered wall capable of resisting the internal loads and pressures to maintain structural integrity. Utilising the Terram Geocell in this application creates horizontal terracing on the facia of the wall. In some circumstances these can utilised to create a vegetated cover
for the facia.

As with slope protection, the individual cells maximise water collection and minimise run-off, by allowing precipitation to infiltrate the exposed surface; creating a suitable environment for
vegetation growth.

When used in these applications, Terram Geocell offers a solution that fulfils a broad range of design requirements and construction conditions. The unique nature of Terram Geocell structures offer flexibility and allow for infilling with a wide range of materials including site infill soils (if suitable), top soils, sand, aggregates
and concrete. 

Design Considerations
• Wall Height
• Facia Angle
• Surcharge load on the top of the wall
• Overturning Stability (the consideration of the turning moment around the toe of the structure)
• Sliding Stability (shear strength at the base of the gravity wall)
• Foundation Bearing Capacity (the substrate must be able to support the applied load of the wall structure).

Terram work with specialist partners to provide independently validated solutions in accordance with best practice guidelines.

Typical Applications Include:
• Steepened Embankments
• Dams and Flood Defence Bunds
• Retention Bunds
• Green Walls
• Culvert Head Walls
• Sound Barriers

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TERRAM geocells for steep slopes, earth reinforcement, bunds and walls
TERRAM Geocell used on a highway side
Geocells comfine fill material
Terram geocells allow reinforced steep slopes to be formed