PW Railway Geotextiles

PW Railway Geotextiles

PW Railway Geotextiles

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PW1 - trackbed separator, PW2 - trackbed robust separator, PW4-LA - trackbed separator/reinforcement

The erosion of Permanent Way sub-grades can result in the loss of rail track alignment, leading to costly maintenance and complications caused by the temporary track closures. The traditional solution has been to use a sub-ballast and/or a graded-sand layer to prevent the upward movement of fine sub-grade particles.

Geotextiles such as TERRAM PW1 has been adopted to maintain separation between the adjacent sand/ballast layers to prevent sub-grade erosion.

More recently, additional TERRAM geosynthetic composites have been developed for permanent way applications and employed to deal with related issues, including:

  • TERRAM PW2 geocomposite - a robust separator/filter incorporating a stiff net between two textile filter layers
  • TERRAM PW4-LA is a composite formed from Terram 4000 and Tensar SS40LA geogrid. Tensar SS40 improves track life and performance by stiffening ballast laid over weak ground. The advantage of TERRAM PW4-LA is the speed at which a geotextile filter and grid reinforcement can be laid in a single pass with the beneficial effect on construction costs..

The choice of TERRAM PW grade will depend on the sub-grade type & its strength.


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