Detectable underground tapes / mesh

Detectable underground tapes / mesh

Ultra-strong (Detectable Underground Tape)

TERRAM Ultra-strong detectable underground warning tape is a traceable marker tape, manufactured from detectable aluminium foil tape which is totally encapsulated between a polythene base layer and a printed polythene protective covering, for marking underground pipes and cables. The detectable underground warning tape can be located by using cable location tools and is essential to lay over non-metalic pipes (Water or Gas) or un-energised electric cables.

  • Specially manufactured texts available
  • Not less than 99.5% purity aluminium foil
  • High Tensile strength
  • Totally encapsulated aluminium foil prevents corrosion
  • Tensile strength
  • 50Kg/100mm width
  • 75Kg/150mm width

TERRAM Ultra-strong  detection tape can be manufactured to customers unique size, colour and text subject to minimum order quantities.

Tape Construction

To ensure a continuous signal along the tape, it is important to use our crimps and crimping tool. This gives the join sufficient strength to cope with most back fills. If not installed correctly then the signal may not pass from join to join.

Crimping Tool - 0043385
Ultra Crimps (5pk) - 0043361
Termination Clamp - 0036264


TERRAM for Pipeline and Utilities
Ultrastrong Detectable Tape