Rockshield Mesh

Rockshield Mesh

Protectamesh HD Rockshield Mesh

For protecting damage from rocky backfill

Application Function


TERRAM PROTECTAMESH HD rockshield pipeline protection mesh is a thick, heavy duty, three dimensional bi-planar extruded diamond structured mesh manufactured from high-density polyethylene. The plastic rockshield mesh offers a consistent thickness throughout the width of each roll or pad to provide full width rock guard protection to the pipeline during and after backfill operations, by cushioning the impact of rocks which can cause damage to the pipe coating and result in the corrosion of the pipeline.

Protectamesh™ HD rockshield rock guard mesh offers high compression strength protection from abrasive objects after installation, prohibiting geologic movements from damaging your pipeline.

TERRAM PROTECTAMESH HD rockshield is flexible for easy handling, even at low temperatures, and is chemically inert ensuring that plastic mesh will not rot. The open plastic mesh design allows the flow of water around the pipe for cathodic protection.

Rock shield mesh can be installed in three methods using either ‘Longitudinal wrapping’, ‘Latitudinal wrapping’ or ‘Spiral wrapping’ and secured by means of polypropylene strapping.

  • Mesh thickness of 10mm (0.40\\\")
  • Supplied in widths 1.53m or 1.83m (5ft or 6ft)
  • Can be supplied in rolls or in pads for easy installation (cut pieces)

Technical Data - Physical Characteristics

Physical CharacteristicsData / Measurement
StructureDiamond Mesh
Width1.22m, 1.53m or 1.83m (4ft, 5ft or 6ft)
LengthRolls or Pads as required
Thickness10mm (0.40")
Weight1550g/m²/ 0.32lb/ft²
Aperture Size4mm x 4mm (0.16" x 0.16") nominal

Technical Data - Technical Characteristics

MeasurementResultsTest Method
Elongation at Max Strength (MD)139%ASTM D4595
Elongation at Max Strength (TD)110%ASTM D4595
Tear Strength (MD)6.8kg / 15.0lbsASTM D624
Tear Strength (TD)7.35kg / 16.2lbsASTM D624
Tensile Strength796kg/m / 44.6lbs/inchASTM D4595
Impact Strength7.94m/kg / 141.9 inch/lbs.ASTM G14 spherical point
Impact ResistanceNo Failure at 150mm rock / 6"ASTM G13 MOD
Compressive Strength620kPa / 90 psi (50% compression)ASTM D1621
Melt Temperature108°C / 226.4°FASTM E794
Freeze DataNo failure -34°C/-30°F (180° Bend)CUSTOM
Cathodic ProtectionNo inhibiting effectCUSTOM
All the above information is given in good faith, but the figures are typical values only and should not be taken as a guarantee of performance. Manufacturing tolerances for dimensional and technical characteristics apply and are available on request.


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Protectamesh HD Rockshield
Protectamesh HD Rockshield
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Protectamesh HD Rockshield
Protectamesh HD Rockshield