Case Studies

GEOCELL Slope stabilisation (M25 Widening)
TRUCKPAVE Porous Pavers for heavy vehicle access
BODPAVE 85 Running track (Cheshire)
BODPAVE 85 Porous car parking (SparkOne Bristol)
GEOCELL Slope stabilisation (Glasgow Museum)
FROST BLANKET. Frost heave control beneath highway & railway. (Kashagan Oil Field)
GEOCELL & T1000 Erosion control for canal slope (Monmouth and Brecon Canal)
BODPAVE 85 Gravel-filled paver access / cycle route (Blackpool)
GEOCELL Tree-root protection on new access road (Achnagairn House)
GEOCELL Tree-root protection beneath access road (Farnborough)
GEOCELL No-dig driveway for tree-root protection (Essex Arb)
1B1 - Area drainage beneath artificial playing surface (Portsmouth)
1BZ - Drainage to the rear of a retaining wall (Carluke Park & Ride)
GEOCELL Bund System (Busk Meadows, Sheffield, UK)
GEOCELL Lagoon Slope vegetation control (Murco Oil Refinery, Milford Haven)
TURFPROTECTA Reinforcement of grass recreation area (Tenterten, Kent)
TURFPROTECTA Reinforcement of turfed access areas (Suffolk)
TURFCARPET Protection against soil erosion (Skara Brae)
GRASSPROTECTA Grass reinformcement for car and coach parking (Tycross Zoo)
GRASSPROTECTA Grass reinforcement for overlow parking (Shoeburyness)
GRASSPROTECTA Grass parking area (Hereford College, Grimsby)
GRASSPROTECTA Grass overflow parking (Cambridge Park & Ride)
GEOCELLTree Root Protection (Kent)
BODPAVE 40 Grass filled porous paver for car parking (Wollaton, Notts)
BODPAVE 40 Gravel filled porous paver for car and coach parking (Tycross Zoo)
BODPAVE 40 Golf paths and buggy routes (Les Ormes Golf Course, Jersey)
BODPAVE 40 Grass filled porous paver for car parking (Howden, Humberside)
BODPAVE 40 Grass filled paver for overflow parling (Kent)
BODPAVE 85 Gravel filled porous pavers for verge protection (Leigh On Sea)
ADVANCED TURF (ATS) Grass reinforcement access areas (York)
ROCKSHIELD Gas pipeline protection from collars (Algeria)
ROCKSHIELD Protecing pipeline from backfilling damage (Ireland)