Ground Stabilisation

Ground Stabilisation

In areas such as roads and other trafficked areas such as car parks, railways, airports and docks, TERRAM Geosynthetics are extremely effective in reinforcing unbound granular layers.

Using TERRAM geosynthetics in ground stabilisation allows the overall construction depth to be reduced, saving on materials and excavation also providing a safe working platform which meets economic and environmental constraints.


Market Sectors

Railways | Landfill

Typical applications include:
• Highways
• Railways
• Car parks
• Access roads
• Cycleways and footpaths

When constructing a granular layer directly on a soft subgrade, loadings such as heavy traffic may cause intermixing of the granular material with the soft subgrade, resulting in a loss of bearing strength of the granular layer and premature failure of the structure.

Incorporating non woven geotextiles in soft foundation soil areas provides an effective solution to the construction the stable granular layers. 

Design Considerations
• Subgrade material properties
• Soil conditions
• Hydrology
• Hydrogeology
• Load conditions



TERRAM Geocomposites, when used in ground stabilisation applications, also provide drainage, reinforcement and / or separation solutions to the design.

TERRAM\\s range of off the shelf geocomposite products cover most applications. In addition, we are proud of our ability to manufacture bespoke products to suit specific applications of a project.

TERRAM has forty years experience of manufacturing geosynthetics for demanding applications throughout the civil engineering industry globally. 

It is important that materials are chosen that will perform consistently and reliably throughout the life of the project.

TERRAM Geocomposite products combine the very best geotextiles, geogrids and geomembranes to answer the specific problems, whether it be soil reinforcement, ground stabilisation, filtration, drainage, protection or erosion control.



Typical applications include:
• Site compounds
• Pile cap reinforcement
• Stabilised drainage layer
• No dig tree root protection
• Permeable load supporting surfaces
• Permanent Way ballast stabilisation
• Sub-base stabilisation for block paved areas
• Green access roads and temporary green occasional carparks
• Permanent and temporary access roads, footpaths and cycle paths.

Load Support

TERRAM Geocell systems provides a stable base for paved surfaces and surface stabilisation for unpaved areas. 

Filled with sands or granular fills, the cellular structure performs as a semi-rigid slab, distributing loads laterally, stabilising base materials, reducing sub grade contact pressures and minimising surface rutting. TERRAM Geocells also prevent the lateral displacement of infill and reduces vertical deflections even on low-strength sub grades.

• Design Considerations
• Infill quality/properties
• Subgrade strengths
• Traffic conditions

Tree Root Protection
Trees are sensitive to disturbance commonly caused by construction activity. 

TERRAM Geocell provides a tree root protection area, preventing root damage by soil compaction, therefore allowing air and water required for root growth in areas such as driveways and other trafficked areas.


Plastic Porous Paving

Market Sectors


Plastic Porous Paving provides a free draining reinforced pavement that is SUDS source control compliant. TERRAM Plastic Porous Paving have been engineered to offer high load bearing capacities to withstand all types of traffic and frequency of use. Plastic Porous Paving is filled with permeable materials, either gravel or a rootzone for grassed surfaces. 

Our porous paving solutions can be used in the following applications:
• HGV access roads and yards
• Fire access routes
• Coach parks
• Gravel and grass car parks
• Driveways
• Helipads and aircraft taxiways
• Cycle and footpaths

Grass Mesh / Engineered Turf

Market Sectors


TERRAM Grass Mesh and Engineered Turf solutions, including our market leading GrassProtecta™ grass reinforcement mesh, provide a naturally draining reinforced and stabilised grassed surface, suitable for all types of traffic depending on the intensity of use. Plastic meshes are installed directly onto the existing grass surfaces, allowing the grass sward to grow through the mesh apertures. The grass roots intertwine with the plastic mesh creating a reinforced based for the roots, protection from wear and ultimately a grassed surface that is capable of resisting a level of rutting and deformation caused by traffic. 

If an invisible surface structure is required, we provide a solution that incorporates plastic mesh elements blended in a rootzone which produces a very strong, yet free draining reinforced grassed surface. 

Applications include include:
• Overflow grass car parks
• Grass paths
• Road verges
• Outdoor exhibition grounds
• Helipads and light aircraft taxiways


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